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cutting service

cutting serviceIn a response to customer demand MAS have established an inhouse cutting service capable of processing orders quickly and efficiently.

Not all businesses have the space or budget to invest in their own cutting press, or even the facilities to run a cutting press, such as 3 phase electricity. MAS Press Knife and Die Co therefore offer a fast efficient cutting service to benefit their clients. This service allows you to trial products or simply outsource the press cutting part of your production.

MAS Press Knife and Die Co have 3 cutting presses made available for the cutting requirements of their customers allowing bulk orders to be turned around quickly.

A customer wishing to use the press cutting service simply needs to provide the material to be cut whether this be leather, plastics, silks etc. and a pattern. MAS Press Knife and Die Co will then create the press knives and do all the cutting. Should the client already possess the press knives necessary then these can be utilised.

If required a sample can be produced to prove the high quality of the work prior to the full cutting service being employed.

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